The name refers to the bond category in which the Fund invests. These are inflation-linked (linked to inflation) bonds. „Inflation linkers“ are subject to the risk of real interest rate (not nominal interest rate) changes, as well as a deterioration in the credit assessment of the issuer (credit risk premium). In passive investment diversification, it is not necessary for inflation to occur to create yield in this asset class. In the long run the yield achieved is roughly similar to a fund with traditional bonds, but is less correlated. Thus, a diversification effect is achieved which makes the overall portfolio less risky without sacrificing any yield.

In the Asset Allocation Analyzer this asset class is represented from 2007 via an inflation-linked-fund (ETF) which is investing worldwide. It is hedged in Euro. From 1994 to 2007, there is an inflation-linked index, which is also hedged in Euros.

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